Tourist Brochures

The tourist industry is an important source of income for hotels so it is imperative that you appeal to and capture this market as much as possible. There are a lot of tourist guides and brochures, as well as travel magazines that reach a wide audience of people looking for accommodation.

Advertising in a travel brochure is a fantastic way to approach a targeted audience; those who are looking in the brochure will already be considering visiting the area that your hotel is located in, therefore there is increased potential of them choosing your hotel to stay in.

Tourist brochures are usually created by and for travel agents, therefore by putting your accommodation in there you can build up a reputation with the agents. This means that you will have the opportunity for them to help sell your rooms and facilities; the better the relationship you can build with the travel agents, the more they will push guests towards your hotel. Also, travel agents brochures always display premium prices which are then discounted by the agency. This means that you will get the occupancy at a price that suits you whilst the guests feel that they have had a discount from the list price.