Event Brochures

Lots of hotels provide rooms for events such as conferences and weddings and a large proportion of their income comes from holding these events and housing the guests that attend them. If you have an event hotel and want to create more business, then advertising in an event magazine or brochure is a good place to start.

Wedding magazines are very popular with brides to be and are readily available at wedding fairs and newsagents up and down the country, meaning that they are exposed to a wide targeted audience. Placing an advertisement for your hotel in one of these magazines means that you are exposing yourself to a ready-made target audience and is a great place to begin. Even if you do not win the wedding itself, you may sell some extra rooms for residual guests from weddings elsewhere which all adds to the overall revenue.

Countrywide organisations such as the National Trust, as well as local organisations such as Church Groups and sporting teams will have brochures produced with their attractions and events detailed on them. If the event or area being mentioned is close to your hotel and you think that it will bring in tourists looking for a place to stay, contact the company putting the brochure or program together to see if you can put an advertisement in. Most companies will allow you to for a fee as they will be glad of the revenue. This will again open up targeted exposure,

There is an almost infinite number of brochures, flyers and programs being printed each year; make sure that you appear in the ones which will bring your hotel more revenue; the cost of the advert is generally small when compared to the revenue it can bring.