Hotel Marketing

In the competitive hotel industry, a good marketing campaign can mean the difference between a full and an empty hotel. This type of marketing campaign cannot rely on just one form of advertising, the secret to success in this field is a multi-method approach, making use of all of the advertising media relevant to your hotel.

Relevance and target market is important in terms of streamlining your advertising costs and not wasting money on aspects which will being no revenue e.g. a boutique London Central hotel advertising in a National Trust magazine; the readers of this are unlikely to want to visit inner-city London so the advertising costs here will have been spent unwisely.

The modern media has made it relatively easy for businesses to reach a large audience; with online marketing, the printed press and television, most people will be exposed to some sort of advertising. The key to a successful hotel marketing campaign is to exploit these mediums and use them to your advantage, thus widening awareness of your hotel and encouraging visitors.