The hospitality industry is notoriously competitive with hotels and inns for all budgets, tastes and locations catered for; to be successful takes a strategic marketing campaign. Here at hotels-agent we aim to give comprehensive advice on hotel marketing strategy in terms of things that work, and things that may not be as successful and to avoid.

There are many avenues that are to be explored for marketing your hotel, from TV adverts to online marketing and magazine inserts. The type which will be best for your will be dependent upon your target audience, type of hotel and whether you are a stand-alone business or part of a branded franchise. Methods which work for one type of hotel may not be successful for others.

Hotel marketing campaigns must, in order to be successful, pinpoint the most relevant strategies to employ and exploit these where possible. The aim of this site is to present some strategies to you and examples of where and how they can be used, giving you the option to incorporate them in your own hotel marketing.